Custom Domain Setup Instructions

Learn to set up your custom domain

1) Go to your domain provider (godaddy, Namecheap, etc...)

2) go to the advanced dns settings.

3)Make sure that your domain or subdomain has an A record pointing to and CNAME record pointing to

4) Go to

5) click add site

6) Enter domain name and press add site (choose the free plan at the bottom, you will not need a paid plan)

7) Cloud-flare will now connect to your domain.

8) copy and paste the custom DNS settings cloudflare provides to you and put them in the custom dns settings.

9) go back to cloudflare and click the connect then click recommended settings on the following page and turn all recommended settings on such as https redirect.

10) go to sign in and click on custom domain in your accounts menu

11) click create custom domain

12) fill in domain information

13) congratulations you have now successfully connected your custom domain to vCard software.

14) within 24-48 hours your custom domain will be available for use once the dns has fully propagated and approved by admin.

Last updated on: 24 October, 2021